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Jarry Ip Intellectual Property Services in Chile and Latam

Innovators & Inventors

Discover how you may protect your invention or new ideas.
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Jarry Ip Intellectual Property Services in Chile and Latam

Small & Medium Companies

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Jarry Ip Intellectual Property Services in Chile and Latam

Multinational & Law Firms

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We provide the support, knowledge and expertise for identifying, protecting, commercializing & enforcing your intellectual property assets, in order to maximize your commercial potential. Whether it be your new company name, brand, inventions or innovations, you may be in possession of a valuable asset. Is your latest idea already a protectable commercial asset?

JarryIP ® boutique counts with a staff of highly experienced professionals, including Ms. Olga Moreno, biologist specialized in Genetics, founder and Head of Patents Division, who manage an added know-how of more than 25 years in the industry, helping prosecute the largest chilean universities patent portfolio, which adds for more than 350 technological innovations of chilean universities and companies in more than 15 countries worldwide.

Why Choose Us?

We are a XXI Century company, established by a team with more than 25 years of experience in the IP field. Using the best practices learned over the years, we provide high quality strategic advice that helps our clients get the most out of their IP.
Our clients speak about patents with scientists, about business with MBA's and about litigations with lawyers, all who speak a global language of IP. We can help you identify your valuable IP assets and protect and enforce them in Chile and Latin America.

Our Expertise

Dedicated Experts 96%
Modern firm with highly trained patent, business and legal professionals with more than 20 years of experience in IP.
Efficient Process 98%
Automated controlled process, with a proven state of the art software, which allow us to control every single aspect of the trademarks and patents prosecution.
Deep Technical Expertise 100%
Our patent clients speak with scientist and engineers that speaks the same technical language with a deep patent practice and procedures understanding.

Services or Practice Areas

Our practice allows us to offer comprehensive intellectual property protection and enforcement of your entire IP portfolio.

Intelectual Property Management

Intellectual creations, such as brands and inventions, have become the main sources of value for companies. The proper management, valuation and protection of these assets has become a critical factor of commercial success.

Patents & Inventions

We assist all innovators, by not only protecting their ideas but also by supporting them in identifying opportunities, to obtain value out of their innovations. Through our sister company, NEOS Innovation we target untapped real needs of the most innovative professionals in the Region.

Innovation Support

Marketing of new technologies - Contractual Strategies – Trade Secrets - Technology Transfer Agreements - NDAs - NCDs - Market Assessment for new technologies - Universities IP & Tech Transfer Policies - Open Innovation - Seed Funds and Public Grants - International Consulting - Licensing and Franchise Agreements.


Brands Portfolio Audit - Trademark Searches – Brands Creation and Development - Filing - Registration - Renewals - Portfolio Management - Trademark Surveillance - Assignments.

Legal Enforcements

Opposition proceedings - Cancellation proceedings - Infringement Matters - Litigation - Anti-Counterfeiting investigations - Anti-Piracy - Customs Actions - Customs Recordals - Seizures Claims - Border Enforcement


We give a world of protection to our Clients, enabling them to launch, grow and protect strong IP assets, through unmatched global networks, expert analysis and tools, and best-in-class service. The International and Regional IP Services (LatAmRIGHT®) were carefully crafted to meet our clients’ expectation and specific needs overseas.

International Services


As locals and knowledgeable about the region, we offer “a one-stop-shop” IP solution, through our unique LaTAmRIGHT® service to help our clients secure IP protection and manage enforcement matters across the entire Latin America region in an extremely novel and efficient way.

A single quote for all Latam and Caribbean Countries through ourLaTAmRIGHT service. One email, One Power of Attorney, One Invoice… Manage your complete IP portfolio in all 46 jurisdictions, through a single point of contact.


Our Team

Scientist, Engineers & Lawyers Innovating in IP Protection

Head of Patent Division

Allan Jarry

CEO & Founder

Allan holds a Master Degree in Intellectual Property, (MIP), Franklin Pierce Law Center, NH, USA. Master in Business Administration (MBA) and a Bachelor in Business form Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Head of Patent Division

Olga Moreno

Head of Patent Division & Founder

Graduated in Biology, specialized in Genetics from Universidad de La Habana in Cuba, with more than 25 years of experience in patents. She is an expert of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in patent drafting issues

Head of Patent Division

Felipe Barriga

Investor & Director

Patent Agent

Carol Jarry


Today, starting in June of 2013, she assumes the position of CFO in Jarry Ip SpA, and the companies under the Consulting and Investment Holding, CESS Limitada. Carol is a graduate from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (1990).

Patent Agent

Rodrigo Robles


Rodrigo holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from Universidad Diego Portales, Chile, and an MBA from Universidad Adolfo Ibañez and MBA.

Trademarks Coordinator

Susi Frey

Head of Trademark Division

She has 28 years experience in Industrial Property, in the area of ​​national and international brands and domain names. She has a Diploma in Intellectual Property at the Finis Terrae University.